• The Darkness Beneath Your Feet
    Look in any interiors magazine today and you’ll find that white and neutral is the flavour of the month. Walls and ceilings are bright and fresh as they make a space feel bigger and much brighter. Yet when it comes to floors fashions move more slowly. A new floor is a much bigger investment than a fresh coat of paint … Read more
  • Come and See Us In Our Worthing Showroom
    If you’re able, it’s a really good idea to come to the showroom where you can get a real feel for the flooring we provide. The photos we have on our website are great for giving you the idea of the range of products that we have available but they can’t get across the difference between a laminate or vinyl floor, the … Read more
  • Three Crucial Questions When Choosing Your Flooring
    You’ll know when you need a new floor. You’ve cleaned, buffed and polished all you can and it never seems to look any better, it’s worn out, tired, possibly torn or broken. It’s got wrinkles and it pops up in places. You need a new floor, and badly! So what are you options and what do you need to know … Read more
  • Sprucing Up Your Home For A Quick Sale in a Slow Market
    Now isn’t the best time to be trying to sell your house. With the pound being weak against other currencies and insecurity over Brexit, people are wary of making any large investments. That being the case, those who do want to buy expect to get a bargain, so what can you do to make sure you get the best price … Read more
  • Preventing Permanent Damage to Hardwood Flooring
    Hardwood floors are both beautiful and hardwearing, their richness of colour and warmth underfoot combined with their natural durability makes them perfect for floors throughout the house. However, being a natural product, they are susceptible to water damage.  If left wet for long periods any damage can become quite serious.  So, because of the wet summers, and more specifically the wet … Read more
  • Pets Are No Longer A Problem
    Britain is a nation of animal lovers and there must hardly be anyone who either doesn’t have a pet or would love to have one in their home. The trouble is, animals take a lot of care and many people no longer have the time to take dogs out for walks or keep letting the cat in and out. Unfortunately … Read more
  • Why You Don’t Always Get A Better Deal Online
    Buying online can save you a lot of time and money. If you don’t have time to go to the shops there’s nothing better than browsing online, exploring more options and alternatives than has ever been possible before. However, it isn’t always the case that buying online will save you money or that you will get the full service you … Read more
  • Should Flooring Come with a Safety Warning?
    The National Floor Safety Institute in America has petitioned the Consumer Product Safety Commission in order to make it mandatory for flooring manufacturers to label their products where there is a possibility of slips, falls and any injuries that could occur as a result. Because of the dangers posed by floors, the NFSI feel that labels warning customers of the dangers are … Read more
  • Selling Your Home Before Brexit Hits
    A lot of people are worried about Brexit and what it will mean for the economy, trade and not least houseprices. People are selling property now in anticipation of a housing market crash next year, affording them the opportunity to maximise their investment as property is anticipated to be incredibly cheap. When you put your house on the market, your … Read more
  • Get the Perfect Fit with Laminate
    No matter what the project you’re working on in the home, the floor is always going to be of primary importance. There’s no dressing it up; an uneven floor, one that creaks or moves underfoot is never going to be satisfactory, so, choosing or badly fitting the wrong floor can ruin the overall look of a room. No Disguise for … Read more
  • Best Floors For Business
    Commercial premises have a variety of needs when it comes to their flooring, many of which, when overlooked, can be costly in a variety of ways. When you’re laying a new floor in your shop, there are a number of different things to look at before coming to a final decision. Some of them are aesthetic, many of them are … Read more
  • Hard Work on Hardwoods
    If you’ve got a hardwood floor, you have one of the most hardwearing yet attractive flooring solutions there is to be had. They’re not only hardwearing but they don’t collect or create dust, they are naturally antiseptic and their natural colour is unbeatable. However, no matter how heavy duty they are, they do require care. If your hardwood floor has been stained or … Read more
  • Even better than the real thing
    Everything is cyclic. We were promised ‘no more boom and bust,’ a statement that was followed almost immediately by a recession that’s still affecting us 8 years later. We stopped wearing skinny jeans with the knees out because they weren’t that comfortable, but they’re back in fashion again, failing to keep the knees of a new generation warm again. Flooring … Read more