Why You Don’t Always Get A Better Deal Online

Buying online can save you a lot of time and money. If you don’t have time to go to the shops there’s nothing better than browsing online, exploring more options and alternatives than has ever been possible before.

However, it isn’t always the case that buying online will save you money or that you will get the full service you need. Recently we’ve been getting calls from customers who’ve bought carpet online and now it’s been delivered, they’re having trouble putting it down. We’re professional carpet fitters, we don’t mind fitting your new carpets at all, however, people are surprised that when they add the cost of their new carpet to the costs of fitting, they find that the savings aren’t nearly as large as they had hoped.

Of course it is possible to fit your carpet yourself. It’s hard to do if you’ve no experience. It’s dirty, hard work that involves taking up old carpet and underlay, putting new underlay down and cutting the brand new carpet. Make a mistake measuring up and it gets doubly expensive! If you live in an older home you may find that minor floor repairs need to be undertaken while the carpets are up too. We’re carpet fitters, not builders so our expertise doesn’t extend to lifting and replacing floorboards or digging out old, damaged concrete. Of course we’ll do our best to level the floor, but major repairs fall outside of our remit.

DIY: Not Just Difficult But Dangerous

Fitting your carpet yourself also means buying or hiring tools, equipment and may still end up leaving you with a loose, wrinkled, or lumpy carpet which can actually be dangerous. Going full DIY also means that you’ll have to clear the room, take up the old carpet, underlay and anything else that’s down there, replacing the same and then having to dispose of everything that you’ve ripped up. That’s a daunting thought even when you just think about a standard room, if you’re thinking of replacing a stair carpet or a carpet for any unusual shaped floor and you’ll start to realise what a blessing it is to have skilled carpet fitters at your disposal!

Most carpet fitters will be happy to lay your new carpet that you bought elsewhere, but because we don’t make any money on the sale of the carpet, any discounts that we have for an all inclusive package of buying and fitting will be lost to you. It’s a shame, especially when you consider the outstanding range of carpet, laminate and vinyl floor coverings that we carry. However, while we’re happy to lay carpets, wood floors can be a different story. Because the quality of a wood floor is difficult to guarantee, no matter how well it’s fitted, it can warp, splinter, fade or even rot if it hasn’t been treated properly. Many floor fitters will prefer not to fit this type of product because whenever someone sees a bad floor they will ask “Who fitted that!?” and no professional fitter want to be associated with a bad job.

The Best Fit, Wherever It Was Found

When we fit your carpet, whether you bought it from us or elsewhere, we provide a service that we guarantee you will be pleased with. It usually only takes a couple of hours to take up and replace the carpet and not only do we take it up, but we take the old materials away as well. That means that when we leave you are free to simply move your furniture back in and relax, knowing that everything else is taken care of.