Linoleum flooring – A design legend

Not so many years ago lino was the province of old, musty homes and commercial buildings, being thrown out left right and centre. Nobody could have dreamed it would become so popular again. On the other hand it is absolutely fantastic stuff, beautiful, warm and durable. And now it’s one of the top flooring trends.

Used creatively, lino is a marvellous material. Some of the most attractive floors in some of Britain’s most important buildings are made from lino, cut into intricate, multi-coloured patterns and painstakingly fitted by professional craftsmen. The results are remarkable.

Whether you want a lino floor at home or a commercial premises, we’ll help you choose the right solutions and we’ll even fit it to perfection.


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Linoleum Flooring UK – About lino

Lino flooring is amazing stuff. Linoleum is made from natural materials, for a start, including solidified linseed oil, pine resin, ground up cork wood, wood floor and fillers like calcium carbonate.

The resulting sticky goo is coloured with pigments then applied to a sackcloth backing to create the linoleum we know and love, invented in the 1860s by Frederick Walton and adopted with enthusiasm by the Victorians.

Lino was an instant hit for hallways and kitchens because of the warm, soft cork layer and the lino’s legendary durability. Smart designer lino tiles were popular, as was the sheet version, both easy to fit.

Floor lino is surprisingly soundproof and really easy to keep clean. And it’s so hard-wearing that it long outstayed its welcome – some old buildings feature the original Victorian lino flooring to this day, still doing a good job. It lasts, and lasts, and lasts…

Linoleum flooring versus vinyl

Lino is more environmentally friendly than vinyl flooring. Vinyls are made with chlorinated petrochemicals, and lino’s natural ingredients make it a much more environmentally friendly choice, made with renewable ingredients.

Linoleum doesn’t contain any environmental toxins and the latest factory-applied sealer coats have been designed to protect the lovely, bright, clear colours against dirt and stains. Lino is anti-static so repels dust. And it’s even anti-allergic.

Serving all your lino floor needs, for home and for business

If you’re looking for bathroom lino, look no further. We can supply lino flooring and luxurious alternatives, in every imaginable colour. Floor lino is an excellent solution for all sorts of tricky flooring issues, at home and in commercial situatoins. Ask our experts for technical details and explore the possibilities of this great material.