Laminate flooring of every type imaginable

Laminate flooring comes in a huge array of different designs, from laminate floors that look and behave exactly like solid wood to stunning stone floor designs, tile effect laminate flooring and even parquet.

It comes in a wealth of colours and mimics wood, stone and tile without all the hassle. It’s durable, warm underfoot, and delivers extra insulation you don’t get with real wood, ceramic and stone. Laminates are light and extraordinarily strong, and some resist water, damage and dirt to an impressive degree.

How many types of laminate floor do we provide? How long is a piece of string! We offer all of the types below and more, and if we don’t stock it ourselves we’ll probably know someone who can.  Read on for the best local flooring supplies in Sussex, all available through us with expert  fitting if you need it.


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The best laminate flooring, from us to you

  • Laminate floors for bathrooms, kitchens, areas of heavy and light wear
  • Every imaginable colour, pattern, texture and design
  • Flooring which mimics a host of woods plus ceramic and stone  tile designs
  • Cheap laminate flooring and luxurious alternatives
  • White laminate flooring, and popular black laminate floors
  • Laminate flooring underlay of every kind, for every purpose, commercial or domestic
  • Totally waterproof laminate flooring

The general rule? You get what you pay for with laminate floors

There’s a bewildering choice. But we can say one thing with confidence: as a general rule of thumb, you tend to get what you pay for. Cheap laminates rarely if ever perform as well and last as long as better quality alternatives. And they damage a lot more easily.

Pay a little more and you’ll get a laminate that lasts a quarter of a century with a guarantee to match. Pay the top whack and you can buy such good quality it’ll last a lifetime when looked after properly, ideal for areas of hard wear and heavy foot traffic, perfect for commercial use and equally good for busy, lively households full of children and pets.

Expert fitting for laminate flooring

Whether your focus is beauty or durability, creating a home or making a commercial premises fit for purpose, the structural integrity of a laminate floor is vital. We’ll plan your project carefully and fit your laminate floor with considerable skill and attention to detail, so it lasts as long as it should and does exactly what it says on the tin.