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Marmoleum flooring offers a bright, vibrant, rich, established alternative to laminate and vinyl flooring. If you’re familiar with Lino, then you know Marmoleum as it is the new brand name manufactured by Forbo. Marmoleum is a plant based product which is non-toxic, anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, is recyclable and made form 100% renewable materials. As well as being aseptic, Marmoleum is also anti-static, hypoallergenic and contains no formaldehyde preservatives or other chemicals that are known to have adverse health affects. The non-toxic branded ‘Topshield’ protects the flooring from all kinds of dirt and stains, making it not only scratch resistant but incredibly easy to clean and maintain.



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Colours & Uses

There are a huge variety of colours and patterns available, including wood, stone and abstract designs. Because it is so durable, warm, soft and hardwearing, it can be used anywhere in the home. It is perfect for hallways and entrances as it is dirt and water resistant, for bathrooms and showers thanks to it’s softness and warmth underfoot and kitchens due to its water resistance, antiseptic properties and durability. It can also be comfortably applied in living rooms and spaces where hardwood or laminate floors would feel equally at home. Marmoleum is also perfect for schools, hospitals or commercial environments.

Is Marmoleum right for my floors?

Depending on the floor that you are covering, and the design that you want to incorporate into your floor, the Marmoleum product you require can vary. Marmoleum sheet and tile can’t be applied directly onto particleboard, gypsum based cements or ply as they react with the adhesives routinely used and will require additional preparation. Because Marmoleum is flexible, it is important that the floor that it is covering is stable, smooth and flat. Floors that aren’t perfectly smooth will need to be levelled before sheet or tile Marmoleum can be laid.

My floors aren’t level, can I still use Marmoleum?

Marmoleum Click is the product that overcomes this problem as it needs no adhesives and is built specifically to overcome these kinds of problems. Marmoleum Click has outstanding thermal and acoustic insulation properties, making it one of the most versatile, environmentally friendly and user friendly floors available. Click squares and planks are thicker than tile and sheet as Click is manufactured with a high-density particleboard core and a cork backing. It’s these additional features that make the Click product noise deadening and warm.

If the floor is in an older home Click can be laid over vinyl, wood, and ceramic tiles quickly and easily as it requires no tear-out, adhesives or fixings. In new buildings, any of Marmoleum’s three product ranges can be used. Some of the biggest users of Marmoleum are schools and hospitals. That Marmoleum is the flooring of choice in such institutions attests to the product’s hygienic and hardwearing properties. Not only does it stand up well to heavy foot traffic, scrapes and spills, it also handles constant buffing and cleaning without ill effect for years. Whenever scratches are made, they can be worked out using wire wool and floor finisher or Topshield. Deep scratches and gouges can be cut out and the section of Marmoleum replaced. No floor is indestructible, however, Marmoleum is much easier and cheaper to repair than other flooring, such as wood, vinyl or ceramic tile.

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Marmoleum is easily recycled and environmentally friendly

Because Marmoleum is so hardwearing and durable, it will be with you for many years, however, if you decide to replace it, of the all-natural recyclable materials that are used to make Marmoleum can be harmlessly disposed of.