Three Crucial Questions When Choosing Your Flooring

You’ll know when you need a new floor. You’ve cleaned, buffed and polished all you can and it never seems to look any better, it’s worn out, tired, possibly torn or broken. It’s got wrinkles and it pops up in places. You need a new floor, and badly!

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So what are you options and what do you need to know when deciding on the new flooring that you’re going to fit? Simply answer these three questions to find out which laminate, tile, carpet or hardwood would be best suited to your needs.

1, What is the room going to be used for?

When you’re choosing your new floor, you’ll need to consider the kind of traffic the surface is going to have to stand up to. If it’s a floor that has people coming straight in from outdoors you’re going to need something that’s far more durable than the product you’d choose for your bedroom. Is the floor going to be exposed to a great deal of moisture or spills, pets or children?

Tiles are perfect for a bathroom as they resist water sitting directly on them while vinyl is less durable but warmer underfoot. Laminate is well suited to the kitchen as is has fewer nooks and crannies and can be wiped down and cleaned.

2, What’s your personal style?

This is a question that’s utterly subjective, because it all falls to your personal choice and the home that you’ve made for yourself. Think about the colours and textures that you like. The materials that you prefer. Some people like to have laminate or wood throughout the home while others prefer carpeting.

Also consider whether you prefer your home to be modern, or traditional. Do you like your floors to have bold modern designs or traditional patterns? Or do you things a contemporary floor such as a polished cement would be more to your liking?

3, How much are you willing to spend?

Vinyls and laminates are easy to budget for while stone, marble, hardwoods and carpets are more expensive but durable and add value to your home. Whatever you budget, it’s important to get your floor laid by skilled, professional fitters. Getting your floor laid professionally will make all the difference as even a budget floor, well put down, will last for years while a high spec floor that is installed badly will only last for months before problems start to appear.